Tuesday, April 1, 2014


I had a dream that I was walking on a cobblestone street  in Italy. I found  a house with an old oval wooden door. I told my friend's, this is the house related to my mother's family.I knocked on the  door not knowing what to expect. A nun dressed in a black lace head shawl & a black gown opened the door. The room was filled with nuns in prayer, off in the  distance. 

The nun whom answered the door, had photos of mom's family &  a book of my mom's relatives in Italy. I thought,this is  just what I am looking for.

This nun  told me to relax.She washed  my feet.The more I looked at her, the more she looked like  a witch...I woke up thinking, did I think she looked like a witch in my dream or when I awoke?I think the latter.I remember her face fading & becoming pale as I awoke.

Monday, February 10, 2014

Yesterday, the only sounds in my house was the dryer tumbling clothes & the refrigerator & heater sucking up energy.

Saturday, October 5, 2013

Monday, August 26, 2013

Do you love to write letters?

I love great stationery to write on using my fountain pens. I have been a fountain pen lover since I was a kid.I have a few pen pals & I usually use Clairefountaine paper.I recently  started using Whites lines paper that a pen friend uses. I some how love his fountain pens with Italic & broad tips much better for viewing & reading;compared to my love of blue ink & a medium nib.

Saturday, April 30, 2011

My Stuie

My cat was almost 18 y/0.He had lost some weight & started to become short of breath.I did not notice right away because Stuie was doing most of his usual activities.I took him outside one day that we had sun;finally.He loved it.I knew Stuie was dying but I was in denial.I am a RN with a BSN. .I was trying to figure out what was wrong instead of taking him to the Vet.I figured Stuie hated the car ride & was short of breath when healthy.

I decided one day,that Stuie ailment may be temporary..His shortness of breath may be an infection?


My Stuie was examined and had a low temperature,not a good sign.The Vet took him for a digital ultrasound of Stuie's lungs.His lungs were full of blood, depicting cancer. The Vet withdrew about 10 CC of blood from Stuie's lungs.While the Vet showed me the ultrasound(US),my Stuie arrested. I could see him trying to go after me when I left the exam room to look at the (US).My Stuie was now struggling to breathe.I had to decide to put him to sleep in a minute or less.I let the doctor put him to sleep.I wasn't ready to NOT bring Stuie home.He was my 17 y/o baby whom followed me every where.I was devastated.I guess I cried so much the Vet only charged me for medicine.Stuie was packed as if he was human.He even had a body shroud. I took my Stuie home in a sealed box.I brought him to the pet crematory the next day.I make sure my pets are cremated alone.I stayed & saw Stuie before he was cremated.He looked as if he was sleeping with his perfect little head  & his silver coat.MY poor Stuie was short of breath & I thought it was age,not cancer!Cancer now took 2 of my cats,Joey at 15 & Stuie almost 18 y/o.They were buddies,Joey & Stuie.